What it Costs

I am a fee-only planner. I do not receive commissions from products, nor do I accept monetary or other compensation for referrals. I prefer to present fixed, flat costs to my clients based on the complexity of their situation and the value they receive. What else should you ask me? - I’m glad you asked!

The cost for Financial Planning is a flat annual amount established after we’ve spoken or met 2-3 times, although I can give you a rough amount after our first conversation. Your first 2-3 meetings are free - which allows you to get comfortable before signing up. The cost is based on the complexity of your financial life: your household income, marketable assets, tax situation, and family profile.

The first year ranges from $2,000 to $20,000.

Subsequent years range from $1,600 to $15,000 per year.

Most of my clients are in the low third of these ranges.

The amount is recalculated when the engagement is renewed, typically annually. I bill quarterly in advance, with the first quarterly payment due on execution of the engagement agreement.

The cost for Investment Management is $500 per account or $1,000 per household per year. I believe in Passive Investing strategies and use First Ascent Asset Management as a third party portfolio manager in most cases.

The cost for Project-Based Engagements is flat and fixed, based on the complexity of the project, using an hourly rate of $200 per hour.