Most people simply don’t know if their financial picture supports what they want to do while their life is in motion. Many of us can’t articulate what we’re striving for. Retirement is a long way off. What is retirement, anyway? It sounds like a problem for future you. How about we call it something else: Financial Independence Day.  

Maybe you don’t know what to look for in your financial picture, or maybe you don’t have the time to figure it out, or both. Choices, desires and opportunities present themselves constantly: a new job, a new partner/spouse/SO, moving, college. Seriously, this list is endless. Wouldn’t it be great if you could remove the financial uncertainty from those choices? Imagine the confidence of knowing if you can do something, when you can do it, and how you can make it work. That’s a good feeling. Let’s co-create your capability to make informed, confident, and intentional decisions about the choices that are most important to you.


Before starting as a planner, I worked in technology and corporate finance for thirty years. One of my first exposures to personal finance was installing Quicken for DOS (!) for a customer and helping them make it sing. I’ve been a personal finance nerd ever since. I quickly transitioned from working on tech to helping people understand and plan for tech-enabled change. While tech problems often have black-and-white solutions, problems that center around people’s navigation of change require trust, knowledge, and flexibility. These are the skills I bring to financial planning.

I lived many places before and after spending formative high school years in Portland, OR. One of those moves was to St. Louis for college, where I met my wife at the radio station, majored in English Literature, and learned to think critically about anything while keeping empathy at the fore. Time passed, the dot com bubble burst, and it was time to move our family to Portland. Here I finished my MBA, completed financial planning education, and continue to work in tech leadership roles.


I love reading, Spotify is on a lot, and I still believe in the power of live music. I might ask you about performances you’ve seen. Other constants include my family, coffee, the dog, the ocean, and fitness. I’m fascinated by how and why we make our choices, large and small, every day.